About the Firm

At Harris Beach, we work hard to ensure we live up to our firm’s vision: “Client Solutions that Exceed Expectations.”

Harris Beach and its subsidiaries provide a full range of legal and professional services for clients across New York state, as well as nationally and internationally. Harris Beach is among the country’s top law firms as ranked by The National Law Journal. Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, privately-held companies, emerging businesses, public sector entities, not-for-profit organizations and individuals.  Principal industries we represent include education, energy, financial, food and beverage, health care, insurance, manufacturing, medical and life sciences, real estate developers, and state and local governments and authorities.

We work hard to get to know our clients, their businesses, their goals, their industries, and even their competitors. We keep pace with ever-changing laws and regulations and the impact to our clients. We know that in today’s economy, few organizations survive without a careful eye on the bottom line. We understand that efficiency in managing legal costs is an important part of that equation.

The experience of our industry teams, combined with the time we spend in getting to know your business, saves you time. You don’t have to explain the nuances of your business or industry at the outset of every engagement. Likewise, we manage client matters internally with great care to work effectively, always mindful of meeting clients’ needs, expectations, and time constraints. Our clients have come to appreciate that the quality of our representation is directly linked to the quality of our communication with our clients.

Harris Beach Values

Harris Beach believes in solutions. Through the strategic application of our resources, relationships, and legal expertise, we build the right team to get the job done for our clients – efficiently and cost-effectively. We take pride in crafting innovative, practical, and comprehensive solutions to our clients’ pressing challenges.

Every person at Harris Beach is committed to being accessible, productive, responsive, and technologically sophisticated to provide the utmost value to our clients. We stand behind the statement that in our practice and client service, we will be to our clients “Lawyers you’ll swear by. Not at.”

Honesty, sincerity, openness and fairness are the building blocks of integrity. By embracing these values and holding ourselves to the highest levels of personal and professional behavior in all our relationships, we have earned the trust and respect to become a firm our clients truly swear by.

Our culture of understanding, compassion and respect for each other naturally carries through to our relationships with our clients and gives rise to active involvement in our communities. Harris Beach believes in the fundamental dignity of each individual and every employee is valued for his or her unique experiences and perspectives. The rich diversity of our workforce, which reflects the communities we serve, enhances our work environment and the legal solutions we provide our clients.

We value the unique skills of each individual at Harris Beach and strategically leverage our broad knowledge base to build dedicated, interdisciplinary, problem-solving teams that are greater than the sum of their parts. Bringing our best team thinking to bear for our clients allows us to understand and anticipate their challenges, and provide breakthrough solutions.  We listen to others and are responsive when others need assistance.

Applied ingenuity is the impetus of our success at Harris Beach. We value and reward creativity and innovation, and provide our professionals with an entrepreneurial yet collegial atmosphere where we take our work, but not necessarily ourselves, seriously. This environment gives rise to the free flow of ideas which we transform into forward thinking client solutions.