Explore opportunities with a work force as diverse and interesting as the areas of law we practice.

At Harris Beach PLLC, we celebrate the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of our people. Each individual is valued for their experiences, as well as their professionalism.

We are dedicated to promoting a culture where diversity is respected and welcomed. As we see it, the definition of diversity is more expansive than race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. It includes other differences -- regional, cultural, generational, and more.

Harris Beach is committed to being a diverse organization. We have a well-established diversity committee which includes senior members of the firm and the CEO.

Above all, we realize that people are our most valuable resource. As we forge new paths in our 150th year and beyond, we recognize that our diversity is a significant source of strength for our firm. We continue to create a culture that inspires the best in each of us.

Scholarship Opportunities

Strengthening our commitment to embracing diversity, we have launched The Harris Beach PLLC Diversity Scholarship Program for second year law school students and Rochester-based college seniors who will be attending law school. We are seeking candidates who will make a meaningful contribution to the diversity of our firm and the legal community, and who can demonstrate a strong desire to work, live, and practice law in New York state. Click the following link for information on this scholarship: College Senior Scholarship Another scholarship provides second-year law school students $7,500 paid directly to the school toward the cost of tuition. Click the following link for information on this scholarship: Second Year Law School Scholarship candidates and recipients must be members of groups traditionally underrepresented in large law firms and must express a desire to work, live and practice law in New York state. Recipients will be offered an opportunity to participate in the Harris Beach law student summer program and be considered for an offer of employment upon graduation.

Click here to learn about other Harris Beach diversity initiatives and our firm's commitment to diversity.