Nasar, Omar

Omar is a lead trial attorney with extensive national experience in defending clients against high-exposure tort litigation matters, including serious accidents involving catastrophic injuries and toxic chemical exposure. He has served as lead trial attorney and litigation strategist in hundreds of cases brought to a conclusion by jury verdicts, summary judgment motions, or settlements in… Continue reading Nasar, Omar

Nozzolio, Michael F.

Mike utilizes his diverse background and extensive government experience to advise clients and help them meet their strategic challenges.  His primary practice focus is on matters relating to economic development, energy, cybersecurity, the food and beverage industry, government regulatory compliance, and general corporate matters. Mike served as an elected representative for over three decades, in… Continue reading Nozzolio, Michael F.

Nonkes, Steven P.

Steve’s practice focuses on legal actions involving scientific or engineering subject matter, including intellectual property matters, business contract disputes, OSHA investigations, and litigation requiring discovery of large volumes of electronic documents and data. Steve works on a variety of intellectual property matters, including patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret litigation, Internet domain name disputes, as… Continue reading Nonkes, Steven P.

Nonkes, James P.

Jim represents businesses and individuals in complex commercial litigation matters in state and federal courts.  He is involved in critical “bet the company” contract disputes, trade secret enforcement actions, government compliance and securities matters, and smaller-scale business disputes. Jim also represents municipalities in a wide range of litigation matters.  Jim began his legal career at… Continue reading Nonkes, James P.