Harris Beach Immigration Co-Leader L.J. D’Arrigo will participate on a panel during the 2024 American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Annual Conference and Webcast on Immigration law, taking place virtually and in-person in Chicago, IL. A description of the session, “The Seasonal Visas: H-2A and
H-2B—Temporary Yet Essential Workers,” is below:

With the tight labor market in the United States, seasonal laborers are in high demand. Panelists will move beyond the basic requirements to discuss issues surrounding timing and temporary need, as well as the ever-changing supplemental visa allotments for practitioners who don’t regularly file H-2As or H-2Bs.

  • H-2A and H-2B overview and timelines
  • Peak load vs. seasonal occupations beyond hospitality and landscaping
  • The cap and supplemental visas
  • Worker recruitment and interfacing with agencies
  • Immigrant options for H-2 workers

Additional panelists include:

  • Ashley Foret Dees (DL), Houston, TX
  • Loan T. Huynh, Minneapolis, MN
  • Edward R. White, Boston, MA