Harris Beach Corporate attorney Ian Connett will present during the 2024 Employment Rights and Responsibilities Committee Midwinter Meeting and National Symposium on Technology in Labor and Employment Law in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 12, 2024. A description of Ian’s session, “Lessons from the Front: How New York City Passed the World’s First AI Auditing Regulation and How the World is Following Suit,” can be found below:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology advancements continue to reconfigure how organizations make critical employment decisions, leading to a new world of unforeseen legal and compliance risks, as well as brand new legislation and auditing requirements. This panel will provide an “insider look” at how the world’s first AI auditing and anti-bias regulation, Local Law 144, was passed in New York City. Panelists will dissect the critical lessons learned during Local Law 144’s first year in effect and assess the overall impact, including new issues with respect to privacy and intellectual property rights related to training data. The panel will also discuss other jurisdictions that may follow suit, including components and similarities to the bill taking shape in California and elsewhere. In addition, the panel will venture overseas to the European Union, exploring the ramifications of their freshly minted AI law and pondering its likely impact on U.S. businesses.