Harris Beach Senior Counsel David Dino will present on PFAS and Consumer Products at the American Bar Association’s 2024 Toxic Tort & Environmental Law Conference, taking place April 11-13, 2024 in Scottsdale, AZ. David’s presentation is outlined below:

This panel will cover the history of PFAS use in manufacturing and the routes by which it has been found in the following types of products: (1) food; (2) products targeted for use by children; (3) electronics; (4) textiles and apparel; and (5) cosmetics. The panel will also note why cosmetics provide a unique discussion point for PFAS in product liability litigation, and discuss the PFAS-containing products in the environment.


  • David Dino, Harris Beach, New York, NY
  • Morgan Harrison, Arnell Golden Gregory LLP, Atlanta, GA
  • Poorad Razavi, Cohen Milstein, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Frank Pagone, CIH, Ph.D., RHP Risk Management, Chicago, I

Harris Beach is also a sponsor of the conference.