Adam Krauss will join a panel of speakers during the American Bar Association’s Toxic Torts and Environmental Law Conference on April 7-9.

His session on April 8th will focus on, “Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events: Liabilities, Risks, Emerging Litigation and Reinsurance.”

A description of what the discussion will focus on is below:

The threat of extreme weather and related events pose Liabilities, Risks, Emerging Litigation and Reinsurance. Increasingly frequent, intense and costly events arising from hurricanes, wildfires, and rises in sea levels implicate legal liabilities, risk of adverse community and environmental impacts, design requirements, financing and other disclosures associated with the operation of industrial facilities. This panel will explore and number of the more recent issues facing industries, including the increase in current and emerging litigation and reinsurance associated with climate increasing pressures to disclose the potential physical and resulting financial impacts of extreme weather events.