On October 13, Caetra.io will host their inaugural CyMetric K-12 User Group Conference, designed for customers to share experiences, define best practices and network with peers.

Topics Include:

  • Legal Perspective: Cybersecurity and Privacy Program Assessments.  The importance of cybersecurity/privacy program assessments, communicating outcomes to stakeholders and how to keep assessments private/confidential when subject to FOI laws.
  • Cybersecurity Insurance: The current landscape for the K-12 space, what is being asked of schools to secure underwriting, how does underwriting tie back to NIST CSF and the security controls used to support the CSF.
  • Risk Management: Using assessments to understand risk and how to document the process. Presentation will include a real-time use of CyMetric’s assessment tool to facilitate an understanding of risk and how to document the process.
  • NYSED CPO: Update from NYSED CPO on the Department’s work involving Ed Law 2-D, insights on 2-D evolutions and to answer questions from the audience.
  • The Dark Web and Managed Detection and Response (MDR): What is MDR and how does it reduce the risk of data from landing in places it is not supposed to be.  How does MDR address many of the requirements called for in the NIST CSF?
  • Tabletop Group Exercises: Incident Response/Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery scenarios that drive interaction between operational elements of school districts. Documenting these exercises in your District and using this as a basis for assessing those CSF controls.
  • CyMetric: Product Roadmap