Cybersecurity and data privacy partner Alan Winchester will present a webinar on why all schools should consider state and federal requirements when it comes to cybersecurity and data privacy standard of care. A full description of Alan’s session is below:

Many states define standards or expectations for K-12 entities regarding the handling and protection of data. While private and independent schools may not be mandated to adhere to state and federal laws, it may be in their best interest to understand and adopt some of the requirements of their public school peers to avoid potential issues down the road.

Participants will learn

  • Why state cyber-privacy laws should be considered for non-public school entities.
  • What “standard of care” means in the context of risk management.
  • How programmatic models can be defined and maintained cost-effectively.
  • How programmatic models align with cybersecurity insurance requirements.

This event is presented by Promenet, Inc., a leading provider of cybersecurity consulting and integration services for independent schools. Promenet’s lead cybersecurity analyst, Ted Papaioannou, will participate in the panel, offering insights and sharing his experience managing sensitive data and compliance regulations for independent schools.