Jeff Weiss, Laura Purcell and Tracie Lopardi will all present at the New York State School Boards Association 2021 Summer Law Conference.

A description of each of their sessions from the NYSSBA event page is below:

Jeff will present:

Special Education Update – Trending Issues in the Education of Students with Disabilities
From IEP amendments to evaluations and loss of learning, hear the latest developments affecting a school district’s obligation to provide special education and related services to children eligible for such services under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Find out more about the legal issues and practical considerations districts need to be aware of as they continue to address the loss of learning and educational opportunities by disabled students as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Laura will present:

APPR and Tenure Decisions in the Aftermath of COVID-19
From classroom observations to measures of student performance, COVID-19 has posed unique challenges to the capacity of school districts to conduct educator evaluations. This, in turn, has also affected the decision-making process related to the award of tenure, which requires consideration of APPR evaluations. Examine the issues involved, the ways in which districts have addressed the situation to date, and the options districts need to consider for the coming school year.

Tracie will present:

Collective Bargaining – How the Reopening of Schools Can Potentially Affect Terms and Conditions of Employment
The realities of life under a continuing pandemic and concerns over the potential for state budget cuts have influenced the nature and scope of the more recent negotiations between school districts and their unions. How much might things change in light of the latest inflow of federal funding and this year’s state budget? As schools proceed to reopen in person, what are some of the more urgent issues for school districts? What does the long view look like? Explore the possible answers to these and other questions.