Lisa Powers will partner with the Financial Planning Association and Society of Financial Service Professionals to present the webinar: “Trusts & Estates – What Financial Professionals Should Know.”

A description of the program from the FPA website is below:

This program outlines what financial planners and insurance advisors can look for in a client’s estate plan. The presentation covers why a client may need a trust versus a will, what types of trusts are available, and what financial planners can look for to coordinate the financial component with the overall estate plan attorneys develop for the client. The presentation also covers what a valid will is, the probate process, the importance of beneficiary designations being congruent with the legal estate plan, and practice tips to issue spot with a client when discussing financial and insurance components. Additionally, the program will focus on Medicaid planning and use of irrevocable trusts.

The program will allow financial planners and insurance advisors to appreciate the scope of estate planning for individuals and families, and the importance of collaboration between all professionals the client uses to better serve those who are seeking these services for themselves or their loved ones.