Marina will present the ASPL webinar, “Dispensing in Catastrophic Situations and National/State Emergencies”, on March 10.

The ASPL’s description of the program is below:

The presentation will focus on pharmacy operation during the times of natural and man-made disasters, local/state/national emergencies, and other catastrophic situations. The speakers will present information on (1) state and federal waivers of certain regulatory compliance, such as prior authorization requirements, prescription refill limits, cost sharing obligations, ratios, etc.; (2) potential issues with PBM audits based on emergency medication dispensing; (3) opportunities for pharmacies to better serve patients (hand-sanitizer compounding, pharmacists prescribing authorities, community involvement, etc.); and (4) anti-fraud enforcement during coronavirus. In addition, the speakers will provide overview and analysis of immunity under the law for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of COVID-19, including pharmacist-administered vaccines. The attendees will receive a copy of a template of “Disaster and Contingency Plan” policy and procedure.