In the weeks to come, completing physical modifications to facilities to protect employees and visitors from COVID-19 is essential.

HB Cornerstone, a design and facilities / construction management subsidiary of the law firm Harris Beach PLLC, has the tools, skills and resources to assess your physical workspace, recommend modifications and provide the resources needed to meet regulatory and facility specific changes so you are ready for reentry. 

Listen to our complimentary webinar where members of our COVID-19 Response Team discuss critical considerations for preparing your building and workspaces, adjusting your workplace policies, and other efforts recommended and required to minimize COVID-19 risk.


  • David Crowe,President, HB Cornerstone
  • Matthew Emens, Vice President, HB Cornerstone
  • Scott Piper, Partner, Harris Beach Labor & Employment Practice Group

HB Cornerstone LLC is a full-service owner representation consulting firm. HB Cornerstone is not an architectural firm and thereby in accordance with New York state law, cannot provide architectural services. HB Cornerstone does not provide legal advice or legal services, and the protections of the client-lawyer relationship do not exist with respect to the services provided by HB Cornerstone.