Please join us for a complimentary client seminar and discussion

Support your special education students, families and faculty by springing ahead in knowledge and finishing the school year strong. At this seminar, we will discuss new legal guidance, critical issues and key developments in special education, including:

  • Reviewing new federal guidance on suspending students with disabilities from school, providing special education to students attending private schools and response to intervention
  • Facilitating participation at CSE meetings when parents are unable to attend in person
  • Defining what constitutes meaningful parental participation in the CSE process
  • Determining whether a student needs a one-on-one nurse
  • Obtaining parental consent to access public benefits such as Medicaid for special education services
  • Determining how to proceed when a student does not meet his annual IEP goals
  • Reviewing recent amendments to the Part 200 Regulations

Please contact Courtney Lusk at 585-419-8622 with questions.