From new visa guidelines for international students, to restrictions and hurdles for college and university employees, the higher education industry is in uncharted territory when it comes to immigration considerations and guidance.

Immigration attorneys L.J. D’Arrigo and Brendan Venter presented this complimentary webinar that addressed next steps for higher ed institutions. You can view and download the recording of this webinar using the link below. The webinar covered:

Employee Issues
– Country-specific COVID travel ban(s), including U.S./Canada border restrictions
– Consular closures and impact on ability to get visas
– Immigrant Visa Proclamation (Green Cards and Permanent Residence)
– Non-immigrant Visa Proclamation and Exemptions (Temporary Workers)
– Remote work issues for H-1B employees
– I-9 Guidance during COVID-19

Student Issues
– DACA decision/update
– Reversal of F-1 remote study policy

SHRM credit is available.