Judy Wagner will present a webinar on the topics of Estate, Long Term Care Planning and Asset Protection during the Erie County Senior Services and Center for Elder Law & Justice 2022 Virtual Elder Law Day Summer Series.

Whether you have sizeable wealth or a modest estate, the cost of long-term care can quickly deplete your estate. Having a long term care plan in place is critical. This workshop will review the options available to pay for long-term care, explain Medicaid eligibility, the rules about transferring assets and other actions that can impact eligibility. We will also discuss legal techniques that can be implemented to protect your assets, whether you are planning well in advance or have an immediate need for care. We will discuss different forms of trusts available for planning and explain why they are useful. This program will provide basic knowledge necessary to minimize the potentially catastrophic effect the cost of long-term care can have on family wealth. Whether you are planning for your own retirement or caring for an aging family member, planning is key.