Partner Michelle Piasecki will moderate a panel, “Growth Pathways for Accelerating US Community Solar,” at the 2023 NPM DG Development & Finance Forum. A description of the panel is below: The Coalition for Community Solar Access (CCSA) announced an aspirational nation-wide target of 30 GW by 2030 for community solar. What is the roadmap to get there considering some US states are still struggling to get legislation passed, and select utilities continue to oppose efforts to drive community solar forward? Panelists will discuss: Lessons learned in the growth of the NY VDER program and Massachusetts SMART program and applicability across other states Promising state-level programs introduced through new and recent legislation Federal government’s role in oversight and implementation of these programs Next steps in implementing AB2316 in California, its impact and how it fits with LSE’s mandates to grow their utility-scale footprint How program capacity is awarded in these states. Speakers include: Gustavo Monteiro, CEO, EDPR NA Distributed Generation Brian Granahan, Acting Director, Illinois Power Agency Lesley Maddalena, Program Coordinator for the Department of Energy Resources (DOER)- Renewables Divisions, Massachusetts SMART Kate Daniel, Northeast Regional Director, CCSA John Murphy, Chief Strategy Officer, Nexamp