Join us for a comprehensive, non-technical discussion to assist school district administrators in understanding cybersecurity through the lens of overall risk management. A panel of experienced school district, cybersecurity and cyber insurance professionals will address:

Topics Include:

  • What does cyber risk look like for a K-12 school district?
  • How does cyber risk align with the traditional goals and responsibilities of a school district?
  • The process for addressing risk in a district, and what departments need to be involved. Hint – it’s not just an IT issue
  • What should districts be planning for and how do they prepare? What should administrators be asking of their technology directors, data protection officers and cyber governance teams?
  • Frequently asked questions posed by administrators and will also include opportunity for live Q&A


  • Jennifer Cappelletti – Superintendent, Scio Central School District
  • Marlowe Cochran – Chief Information Security Officer, NYSED
  • Michael Compisi – President,
  • Anthony Fardella – Senior Underwriter/Cyber Specialist, New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal
  • Alan Winchester – Cybersecurity Attorney, Harris Beach PLLC

Moderated by: Matthew Pomara, Vice President and Founder, ARK Technology Companies

The webinar will be recorded and available for on-demand download. You must register for the program to receive the replay and presentation, even if you are unable to attend live.