Partner Michelle Piasecki will join a panel at the 2023 New York Solar Summit. A description of the session is below:

Restrictive local laws make siting one of the most significant barriers to clean energy deployment in New York and around the nation, rivaled only by interconnection and hosting capacity limitations. New York is a home rule state, and NYSEIA estimates that restrictive local laws are preventing up to 4.6 gigawatts of otherwise viable distributed solar from being deployed in areas with available hosting capacity. At the same time, community-scale solar and storage projects are being deployed more rapidly than large-scale renewables, and companies are increasingly seeking to address siting concerns through beneficial siting practices that provide community co-benefits, including brownfield conversion and agrivoltaics.

Join this panel to learn how siting is impacting New York’s clean energy progress and what the industry and innovative solar companies are doing to proactively address the issue.