On September 7-8, Harris Beach sponsored its 2nd annual retreat with the Black Law Students Association of the University of Buffalo School of Law, held again at the Beaver Hollow Conference Center. Partner Wendy Kinsella, chair of the Council on Inclusion and Diversity, and associate Adegoke Adewoye, a UB and BLSA alumnus, hosted the retreat to kick off the fall semester.

The event provides first-year law students with support and mentorship as they navigate the challenges of law school. The weekend was filled with networking opportunities as Wendy and Ade enjoyed getting to know the law students. Events started with a roundtable discussion on topics of interest, including different areas of the law and the interview process. Second and third year law students also provided helpful insights, including tips for time management, self-care and navigating exams. The students finished the retreat with a team-building activity, where they conquered a ropes obstacle course.

In a thank you note to Wendy and Ade, BLSA President Arrianna Hart expressed her gratitude on behalf of the students:   “On behalf of UB BLSA, I wanted to thank you both as well as Harris Beach for your generosity and support this past weekend in sponsoring our 2nd Annual 1L retreat. The students greatly enjoyed their time and have walked away with a stronger sense of community all thanks to your efforts. Once again, thank you for all of your support and time.”

Natalia Marte, UB law student and Chair of Northeast Black Law Students Association (NEBLSA) expressed similar sentiments:

“I also wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for your dedication towards our local chapter. This was exactly what Donell (Gibson, former BLSA President) and I envisioned when we met two years ago to discuss a relationship between UB BLSA and Harris Beach. It feels great to know that Harris Beach has remained consistent in their commitment to diversity and supporting students of color. Please rest assured that our members have taken notice about your commitment and the firm’s commitment to diversity and our academic/professional development. We will continue to encourage our members to attend the upcoming interviewing for success workshop and I cannot wait to see you again!”