From new visa guidelines for international students, to restrictions and hurdles for college and university employees, the higher education industry is in uncharted territory when it comes to immigration considerations and guidance.
To help make sense of it all join Harris Beach immigration attorneys L.J. D’Arrigo and Brendan Venter for a complimentary webinar on Monday, July 20th from 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. – “The Immigration Landscape for Higher Education: Proclamations, Policy Shifts & Tweets.”

They will cover:
Employee Issues
– Country-specific COVID travel ban(s), including U.S./Canada border restrictions
– Consular closures and impact on ability to get visas
– Immigrant Visa Proclamation (Green Cards and Permanent Residence)
– Non-immigrant Visa Proclamation and Exemptions (Temporary Workers)
– Remote work issues for H-1B employees
– I-9 Guidance during COVID-19
Student Issues
– DACA decision/update
– Reversal of F-1 remote study policy

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Our Immigration Law Practice Group includes immigration attorneys that work across New York state in our Albany, Buffalo, Ithaca, Long Island, New York City, Rochester and Syracuse offices. Our immigration lawyers focus on strategies – including immigrant visas for permanent U.S. resident status and temporary visas for foreign nationals – to ensure that employers are able to hire, transfer, and retain the brightest and best non-U.S. talent.