The New York Department of Health (DOH) announced November 30th it is releasing a survey for enrolled Medicaid providers who meet the eligibility criteria for the Healthcare Worker Bonus (HWB) Program, but are enrolled in eMedNY with a non-payable status. This includes Managed Care Only and Order, Prescribe, Refer, Attend (OPRA) enrollment status. The survey is for employers only.

Only employers that do not currently have an HWB Program registration should complete the survey. DOH directs the following:

If you are an enrolled provider in eMedNY with a status of Managed Care Only or OPRA, and have reviewed the Qualified Employer Section of the NYSDOHHWB Program website and determined you are an eligible Employer, please complete the below survey within five (5) business days. The survey will remain open until December 6, 2022.

Healthcare Workers Bonus (HWB)— Survey for OPRA & Managed Care Only Providers

More information on the Healthcare Worker Bonus Program expansion can be accessed here.

Should you need anything else on this topic or if you have a matter you wish to pursue with NYSDOH, please reach out to Matthew Babcock at to discuss an engagement.

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