In its January 16, 2023, Enforcement listserv notice, HHS’s Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) recently published Work Plan Updates for January. Although six updates were published, this article only highlights the following:

Optometrists Billing for Part B Services for Medicare Enrollees in Nursing Facilities

This audit will review medical records to determine whether optometrists’ professional services were appropriately documented and billed according to Medicare requirements for Medicare enrollees, including those residing in nursing facilities. Nursing facilities are required to provide services necessary to ensure their residents attain or maintain sound health, and some services for nursing facility residents are provided by outside resources, like optometrists.

The audit will be conducted by OIG’s Office of Audit Services and is expected to have its report issued in federal Fiscal Year 2024 (ends on September 30, 2024).

The full summary of the Audit Work Plan Updates can be accessed at Work Plan.

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