No one likes to envision bad things happening. But developing a crisis management plan is arguably the single most important responsibility for any organization. It’s your role as a leader to help your team anticipate risks, build procedures for responding to them and then practice, practice, practice. Crises come up when you least expect them, and without a plan in place, your risk level skyrockets.

In this episode of the Harris Beach Podcast, Rajat Shah, a member of the Harris Beach Corporate Practice Group, and Terry Flynn, co-leader of our First Response Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Team, discuss the elements of good crisis management planning and practice. The most important principle: Communication. “Remember the Three Cs: Communication Control is Critical,” Rajat says.

Both Rajat and Terry, also a member of our Government Compliance and Investigations Group, talk through real-life examples of crises they have guided clients through in their careers. As events have proven these last few weeks, you cannot over-prepare for a crisis.

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