As you count down the days to retirement, you may not be dwelling on family dilemmas or life’s difficult “what ifs.” But having strategies to smoothly transfer assets, plan for contingencies, and protect your legacy is one of the smartest moves you can make in weighing your current situation against future needs. As a legal arrangement holding assets for beneficiaries, trusts may prove to be a valuable tool in your retirement and estate planning. But, as with all matters related to estate planning, trusts are not “one size fits all.” How can you establish and maintain a trust that meets your needs and safeguards your assets? On August 4, join Level Financial Advisors and Harris Beach partner Judy N. Cuzzacrea Wagner for a complimentary online session discussing the in’s and out’s of trusts. We will discuss what a trust is; how it can be created and funded; and how trusts are managed and administered. Bring your questions. Register here.