Recreational, adult-use marijuana is poised to become legal in New York state. The changes that legalization brings for virtually every workplace include modifications and updates to employer policies and procedures regarding drug testing, workplace discipline in relation to marijuana use, and workplace productivity and safety. Employers must understand what drug tests can (and can’t) detect when it comes to marijuana use; the signs and behaviors that might give rise to reasonable suspicion of impairment at work; and the fact that certified medical marijuana users are members of a protected class under New York State law. While legalization means changes to the workplace, employers should feel at ease having our Cannabis Industry team as a resource, which is focused on helping employers navigate through these novel situations.

Taylor Ventre, an attorney on the Harris Beach Cannabis Industry Team, joined the podcast in early March to discuss these issues and other key considerations for employers. Taylor will also join Harris Beach attorney Meaghan Feenan and Morgan Hopkins, a CPA at DeJoy, Knauf and Blood LLP on a live webinar at 4 p.m. EST on April 6 to answer additional questions. Register for the webinar here.

Update: After this podcast was recorded and published, New York state did in fact pass legislation to legalize adult-use recreational marijuana. Read Taylor Ventre’s legal alert that addresses the key impacts on New York state labor and employment laws.