Technology provides law firms with enormous opportunities to improve client service – in part, by streamlining and automating labor-intensive tasks in a way that frees attorneys to focus on a client’s most-pressing challenges. It allows firms to think creatively and seek new ways of providing effective counsel focused on forward-thinking solutions.

The Harris Beach subsidiary was founded with exactly those goals in mind. has developed CyMetric, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that helps organizations such as schools, governments, businesses and not-for-profits comply with an ever-growing number of worldwide cybersecurity and data privacy regulations.

CyMetric software automates the creation of the policies and controls that an organization needs to follow to stay in compliance with specific regulations. This saves clients in legal fees or time spent by in-house counsel, risk managers and IT professionals to research and decipher requirements and to develop the compliant policies and controls.

Why would a law firm start a software company? Harris Beach has always attempted to find better ways to solve client problems. In today’s episode of the Harris Beach podcast, Chris Jagel, Harris Beach Chief Executive Officer, Alan Winchester, the leader of the firm’s cybersecurity practice, and Mike Compisi, president of the Caetra subsidiary, discuss the origins of and how it fits with our history of innovation, along with current trend of technology-driven disruptions to the traditional practice of law.