The renewable energy economy has moved well beyond the novelty stage in New York State. That much is clear from the proposals made in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address. The Governor called for aggressive broad-based investments and initiatives that he believes will help New York become the leader in building a self-sustaining renewable energy industry in New York. It has the potential to drive significant economic activity by creating thousands of jobs and reversing our reliance of fossil fuels.

New York will pursue new large scale renewable energy projects across a wide spectrum, including massive new generation projects and investments in statewide transmission capabilities, renewable energy component manufacturing and battery storage. Read more about the Governor’s proposals.

In this episode of the Harris Beach podcast, we asked Energy Industry Team Partner Michelle Piasecki for her reaction to the state’s new plan and to outline what project developers need to know to embrace the new opportunities.

Michelle and her colleagues at Harris Beach offer a unique set of capabilities to developers and other businesses operating in the energy industry. This team counsels public and private entities on all aspects of energy law, guiding them through the various business and regulatory hurdles involved. Visit our Energy Industry page to learn more about the team, and get more insights and information.

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