New York State Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo declared a statewide disaster emergency on March 7, 2020, in direct response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Under authority granted by the disaster emergency declaration, the Governor can direct State agencies to provide assistance to local governments and can authorize the temporary suspension of any statute, local law, ordinance, order, rule or regulation. Local municipalities also have issued their own emergency declarations.

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Governor Cuomo has issued several Executive Orders under this authority to curtail the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the State while allowing essential business to proceed. These Executive Orders have directed schools and non-essential businesses to close as well as establishing temporary procedures for the continuance of judicial and other public business.

Harris Beach attorneys have developed a brief summary of each of the Executive Orders, and the matters they cover. Click to download the summary.

We will be updating this document regularly as the Governor issues new Executive Orders.

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This alert does not purport to be a substitute for advice of counsel on specific matters.

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