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The Carmans River Plan: Thoughtful, Consensus-based Planning across Intergovernmental Levels

Development on Long Island is almost always a Herculean task. With various stakeholder groups coming from out of the woodwork to champion or fiercely oppose any project being proposed, the culture of development is usually volatile, difficult and mired in strangling bureaucratic red tape. The projec...
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February 14, 2011
Proposals for State Pension Changes Gaining Attention

The February 8th edition of Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle contains an editorial board opinion captioned Reforms can make New York’s mostly taxpayer-funded pension system fairer. The column notes that New York’s “ticking bomb” pension** has exploded, with costs to taxpayers more than d...
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February 11, 2011
Weighing Consolidation and Dissolution of Local Authorities

New York state is increasing the level of scrutiny it is placing on local government and the hundreds of state and local authorities.  Calls for a sea of change in the local government delivery system, which includes increasingly louder calls for consolidation and the implementation of efficiency m...
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February 11, 2011
Cuomo Announces New HCR Commissioner

As you may have heard, Governor Cuomo appointed Assemblyman Darryl Towns of the 54th district to serve as Commissioner and C.E.O. of New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR). This agency consists of all the New York state's major housing and community renewal agencies, including, the Afforda...
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February 10, 2011
How About a Partnership Stimulus?

Featured contributor and former Nassau County Executive, currently Of Counsel with Harris Beach In January, a fresh contingent of governors, mayors and legislators will take the reins of power in this country. Many of them will occupy political office for the first time, and nearly all of them wil...
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February 08, 2011
Governor Cuomo’s Budget Presents Challenges and Opportunities to Local Government

Introduction Governor Andrew Cuomo released his long-awaited Executive Budget for the upcoming 2011-2012 state fiscal year. Not surprisingly, the budget presents many fiscal challenges for local governments. Counties, cities, towns, villages and school districts all face the prospect of cuts in stat...
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February 01, 2011