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Ithaca, NY 14850

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Mark B. Wheeler


New York’s Finger Lakes region has long been recognized as an important tourism destination spot and agricultural center. It is also recognized as a viable economic development area for business growth in numerous sectors. In the heart of it all is our Ithaca office, which provides counsel to long established businesses and high-tech entrepreneurs. Our Ithaca attorneys tap into the wealth of Harris Beach legal resources to provide local organizations, financial institutions and growing enterprises with a full complement of services. The Finger Lakes region is the food basket of New York state and our Food and Beverage industry team represents numerous wineries, breweries and other agriculture-based businesses. With Cornell University at the forefront of science and technology commercialization for startups in the Finger Lakes region and beyond, our Ithaca attorneys provide advice related to all aspects of intellectual property and business law matters. We have a demonstrated commitment to helping organizations nurture their continued prosperity in this region noted for its rich history of building upon its knowledge-based economy and its natural resources. It is a region that has and will continue to afford our engagement in supporting local not-for-profit and cultural institutions that enhance the enjoyment of living and working in the Finger Lakes region.